Category: Volterra International Design Workshop

Architecture is becoming an increasingly global profession, which offers new and fascinating inspirations and opportunities internationally. The Volterra International Design Workshop gives the students and faculty the opportunity to experience international teamwork and collaboration with a design professional with significant experience at the local and international levels.


Volterra International Design Workshop 2016

Following the great experience of the 2015 Design Workshop , the three participating schools (University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and the Warsaw University of Technology) are returning to Volterra in July 2016 for the 2nd Volterra International Design Workshop. THE PROJECT: The objective of the workshop will be to propose a contemporary re-interpretation of the...


International Digital Workshop – Volterra April 2016

The International Digital Workshop took place at the Volterra International Residential College April 21-27 2016. It was organized and run by Giorgio Castellano (zero order architecture), Jan Pernecky (rese arch), Thomas Tholt and Jan Paclt (mx3d, zero order architecture), an international group of architects and researchers. Inspired by the painting in Volterra “The Deposition” by Rosso Fiorentino the students worked...


Volterra Design Workshop 2015

In August 2015 a group of students and professors of architecture from USA, Poland and Italy discussed eco-friendly design over “aperitivio” on a terrace overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany. Just below, directly beneath the medieval defensive wall, laid the ruins of the Roman Theater from 1st century BC. The site for the project was immediately behind it. The group...