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Foundation – Officers and the Board of Directors

Paul F. Aubin View profile on LinkedIn Architectural consultant and a top-rated speaker at Autodesk University and video and print author. Paul is the author of many Revit book titles including his “deep dive” into the Revit family editor: Renaissance Revit. He has also authored dozens of Revit video training titles on LinkedIn Learning covering all levels of Revit, Dynamo and ReCap....


Give Detroit Challenge

The Volterra-Detroit Foundation has been nominated for the Give Detroit Challenge. We are in a great company of other 49 non-profit organizations which are from Detroit and about Detroit. We are part of Detroit! The company is fantastic, but the idea of the challenge is that the Foundations compete with each other – who will raise the most money from...


Volterra-Detroit Foundation – about

The Volterra – Detroit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation, which has been created by the Alumni and Faculty of the School of Architecture University of Detroit Mercy to fund the renovation and adaptation of the building of the former Art School in Volterra (Italy) for the Volterra International Residential College. The Volterra-Detroit Foundation, supported by the UDM SOA...


Foundation – Patrons

We gratefully acknowledge the generosity and support of all of you whose contributions helped to create the Volterra International Residential College. We now proudly display your names at the Donor Wall in the Exhibition Room of the facility. Alabaster level Paul Britten Traverse City, MI Warren Loranger Sarasota, FL Cherry Peirce Port Clinton, OH Michael J. Marz Akron, OH Antonio...

Foundation – Contact

Volterra-Detroit Foundation Italy and Volterra International Residential College address: Piazza Marcello Inghirami 15 Volterra (PI) 56048 ITALY Volterra-Detroit Foundation US address: Volterra-Detroit Foundation 2708 Ferncliff Ave Royal Oak, MI 48073 USA Contact list: In the US: Wladyslaw Fuchs President Volterra-Detroit Foundation cell: (001)248.990.3384 email: wladek.fuchs(at) In Volterra: Giulia Munday Program Director Volterra International Residential College cell: (011.39)348.269.0954 email: giulia.munday(at)


Bruno Leon (1924-2013)

Bruno Leon (1924-2013) “The school’s basic concept of an architect is that of an individual with interests that encompass the entire range of significant activities related to the human condition.” Bruno Leon, June, 1964 Dean of the School of Architecture University of Detroit 1964-1992 Founder of the UofD/UDM School of Architecture summer study program in Volterra, Italy Biography: “Architecture is...

Foundation – Public Documents

Volterra-Detroit Foundation Public documents The Volterra-Detroit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit organization, and therefore required to make all financial documents publicly available. 1. Volterra-Detroit Foundation Registration Document (2010) 2. Volterra-Detroit Foundation Bylaws (2010) 3. Volterra-Detroit Foundation Non-profit status decision (2010) Financial Documents 2019 Financial Report 2019 Tax Return 2019 Financial Documents 2018 Financial Report 2018 Tax Return 2018 Financial Documents 2017 Financial...