International Digital Workshop – April 21-27 2016

This year we inaugurate the summer season with an exciting new program, the International Digital Workshop run by [zero-order architecture] and [rese arch] from Pisa, with support of the Laboratorio Universitario Volterrano, the Comune di Volterra, and the Volterra-Detroit Foundation. The workshop will explore the concept of virtuality in the historical environment. For more information visit workshop webpage:


Workshop description:

Over the last thirty years the information technology has dramatically changed the architectural design process and the project representational methods. It is now affecting also the construction methods of the architectural projects. Robotic fabrication in architecture is becoming a natural extension of the ongoing change which started with the introduction of the Computer Aided Design.
The workshop participants will have an opportunity to acquire the basic skills in CAD/CAM, using the Rhinoceros and Grasshopper software. They will gain understanding of the successive steps of the process, from the development of the concept through design and digital fabrication. The workshop will include lectures about coding and scripting, which will be followed by the practical use of the robotic arm. The participants will have the opportunity to produce models of different scale.
The theme of the project will relate the technical skills of digital avant-garde to the classical architectural expression and language. The workshop will focus on the three-dimensional interpretation of the painting by Rosso Fiorentino, La Deposizione. The objective of the program will be to reveal and emphasize in the new, 3-D model form, the qualities of the painting which may not be easy to perceive in the observation of the two-dimensional art.