Live and learn @ Volterra International Residential College

Welcome to the Volterra International Residential College!

This facility in Volterra has been organized by the Volterra-Detroit Foundation, in educational collaboration with the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture, pursuant to the 25 years of the school’s summer program in Volterra. It has been built with you in mind, as a place to live, a place to study, and a place to explore the history and heritage of Tuscany and Italy, while being a part of the local community and culture. We hope you will enjoy your stay and that you will feel at home here at the Volterra International Residential College. It is our goal to provide the best learning environment, in which you will learn both through your program courses and through daily discoveries and new experiences.

As a resident of the Volterra International Residential College you will be a very visible part of vibrant and close-knit Italian community that is excited to welcome and host you. We encourage you to engage with this community and experience its culture, and we hope that you will treat it with a respect and appreciation that will be a positive reflection of the Volterra International Residential College programs as well as of the North American culture.

Click on the image above to download the VIRC Map of Volterra with transportation guide in PDF format.
Click on the image above to download the latest version of the VIRC Guide to Living in PDF format