Category: Artist in Residence

The purpose of the Volterra-Detroit Foundation Artist in Residence program is to create and sustain a dialogue between the artistic communities in south-east Michigan and Italy. The program is organized in collaboration with the Consulate of Italy in Detroit.


Artist in Residence 2019

This year we have restarted our Artist in Residence program, in a new format. It will now include both Italian artists in Detroit, as well as the Detroit artists in Volterra. The program is now ryn in collaboration with the Consulate of Italy in Detroit, and the Ponyride. The first guest of the program from Italy was anĀ artist from Volterra...


2016 Volterra Artist in Residence

Between October 1st and November 13th 2015 the Volterra-Detroit Foundation participated in the Give Detroit Challenge organized by Crowdrise. We did it with a very specific goal in mind: to raise funds to start a new program, the Volterra Artist in Residence Fellowship. The six week campaign was generously supported by many of you, who believed in us, and our...