Program opportunities @ Volterra International Residential College

The academic model of the Volterra International Residential College is based on many years of experience of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture summer study program in Volterra and the international exchange program between the UDM SOA the Faculty of Architecture Warsaw Institute of Technology. It offers flexibility which allows a variety of academic programs to take advantage of this unique opportunity. programs

The Volterra International Residential College and Volterra are most suited for a full semester or half-semester study programs.

The facility may house one large academic group, or two smaller and separate ones. Each academic group must include also a program director/faculty from the same university. Maximum size of the program groups is limited by the capacity of the facility, which can sleep up to 21 students, and offers two faculty suites. If two groups share the facility, they will remain academically completely autonomous for the purpose of their professional studies, while they may share other program courses (enrichment courses).

The Volterra-Detroit Foundation will also offer open enrollment programs, which will be available to all university students. The curriculum and cost of such programs will be announced.

The Volterra International Residential College can accommodate also short term study or travel programs, typically during the months of April and August. Due to the location and the nature of the facility we can offer a very attractive program and prices. If you are interested in organizing such program at our facility, please contact Wladek Fuchs in Detroit or Giulia Munday in Volterra [contact].

Program partner universities can define their own curriculum for the study in Volterra. However, the proposed structure of the curriculum for all groups is as follows:

Professional courses (2-3) will be taught by the individual program faculty. It will be expected that the content of the professional courses will be attuned to take advantage of the special opportunities of the foreign study and the Volterra Residential College.

Core foreign study courses (1-2) will focus on the professional, social and cultural aspects of the international study experience (Italian language and culture, Problems of modern Europe etc.) They will be taught by experienced instructors from Volterra and/or guest international faculty.

Academic enrichment courses (1-2) will take advantage of the cultural and artistic specificity of Volterra and Tuscany (Alabaster sculpture, Archeology, Art History etc.) These courses will be taught by the best local artists and professors from the Volterra Istituto Statale d’Arte.

All groups visiting the Volterra International Residential College will be expected to engage in collaborative projects and cultural exchange programs while they stay in Volterra. Group and individual travel will be considered an integral part of the academic programs.

Students will pay tuition and receive credit for the course load in Volterra from their own academic institution. The Volterra International Residential College will obtain the college credit approval for the courses offered in Volterra according to the procedures of the partner university programs.

Program Fee
The program fee is paid by the students to the program partner university. The amount of the fee is decided by the university, based upon the actual program fee cost per participant paid to the Volterra-Detroit Foundation and other program budget considerations. The portion of the program fee paid to the Volterra-Detroit Foundation covers the students’ accommodation, health insurance and the use of the building academic facilities by the program group. The program fee will not include the cost of travel or food.

Meal Plan
During the program in Volterra students and faculty can also take advantage of the meal plan. The meal plan covers 10 meals per week, lunch and dinner. Students who participate in the meal plan can eat at one of two local restaurnats, which have been chosen for the program.